Portrait of Oei Aisoen

A single mother of a teenage girl, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of several businesses. The key to my journey in juggling these seemingly opposing worlds has been the rich network of contacts I have built up over the years – contacts that support me in my personal and business life.

I share my journey from struggling single mum to successful, globally-connected serial entrepreneur, and how my expanding network increased my net worth.

My mission is to inspire budding entrepreneurs through my story and my expertise so that they too can overcome life's obstacles, succeed in business and grow their network and net worth.

Single Mum-preneur

Oei's story is an inspiration to all single mothers struggling through the stigma of single-parenthood and a reminder that life is what you choose to make it. A divorcee with a teenage daughter, she is a mother by choice and an entrepreneur by passion.

Today, Oei is a role model for her daughter and for other women who look to dream bigger, strive harder, and reach higher than they had first imagined they could. Through Oei's sharing of her journey, women find the confidence and the guidance to be independent, family-oriented and successful mum-preneurs.

Simpang Tiga Mobile Pte Ltd

Simpang Tiga Mobile storefront

With limited funds and experience, Oei set up her first business. Her first outlet was a simple 1m2 booth in Singapore. Despite initial teething problems, Oei's hard work and determination paid off and her business soon gained in reputation. Over the next three years, she opened seven more shops, establishing herself as a successful businesswoman while still in her twenties.

Faith Maid Agency Pte Ltd

Faith Maid Agency storefront

A natural entrepreneur, Oei seizes business opportunities as they arise. Her next business venture – Faith Maid Agency – fills the demand for foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines in Singapore homes. As a player in the industry, Oei initially faced a steep learning curve in complying with complex manpower regulations.

Faith Training Centre

Faith Training Center

FAITH TRAINING center is a company, which one of its activities are to organize training centers/courses for domestic workers in Singapore. Aims to provide life skills education needed for domestic workers that can be useful to support their current work or after returning to their hometown.

Our Mission: Organizing courses education that is able to provide graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as being able to adapt to changes / developments. Vision: Become a leading educational institution in Singapore for foreign domestic helper , with highly qualified and competent graduates in every field.


Faith Rental Space

Faith Rental Space
Faith Rental Space is a flexible workspace booking platform that allows businesses and individuals to find and book workspaces on demand.
The rooms provide a perfect environment for any type of business meeting.
Cozy – this is an ideal place to host meetings and intimate events.
Get in touch today and let’s explore the possibilities together.

Our facilities are:
Wifi, White board, Smart TV, HHDMI cable, Nescafe pantry, Extension cable & plug, Stationary and Paper, Printer
Meal & snack (on request)

Public Figure

As a business owner, you owe it to your business to always being growing. With the mantra 'your network is your net worth', Oei aspires to help other women to build their network and grow their businesses just as she has done. While her success is the result of her passion, hard work and determination, it is the global network she has built that has allowed her to achieve such great entrepreneurial heights.

As a single mother, serial entrepreneur and motivational business coach, Oei understands the particular stresses women go through as business owners. The journey she's sharing are based around helping women balance the demands of their business, their employees and their family as they try to "have it all".

"Business women have to learn to put themselves first. And that is something I see as my mission. To empower my fellow female business owners to put themselves first by putting herself as priority and be strong. She will be able to be the pillar for her own business so that they can reach their goals and achieve their dreams."


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