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I want to present this article to a man who changed my life and made me believe I can do anything.

I’m Oei Aisoen. I’m 40 years old and I have been an entrepreneur since I was 17 years old.

By the time I was 27 years old, I owned 8 mobile phone shops and had more than 20 staff.

Fast forward another six years and I was divorced and operating another six small businesses. However, I was working every hour I wasn’t sleeping, and was spending so much time, effort and energy in the businesses, including my successful maid agency in Singapore, which supplies helpers from Indonesia to Singaporean families.

But on 9 June 2014, my life changed when I attended NAC and met JT Foxx. This meeting with him changed my perspective towards business, and my life.

He showed me how to think big and never be scared to show myself to the world.

At the beginning of taking his programmes, I had intended to just learn how to do sales as I knew this was a skill I needed.  But his programmes ended up giving me so much more than that. It was a process of self discovery on how to be the best business person in your own industry.

JT Foxx doesn’t teach you how to do your business, he teaches you how you yourself can find the way to grow your business. Since I’ve known JT Foxx, it has been easier for me to predict or plan or strategist my business.

In one of my businesses, which is the maid agency, profits increased 200%.

And I also find I don’t have to focus so much effort on sales since I applied what JT Foxx teaches about being an authority and branding myself.

Before I knew him, I just branded myself as a simple business owner who owns a maid agency and a mobile phone shop. I didn’t even believe I was doing well in my business. But since I have known JT Foxx, my confidence level as a business person and a business women has skyrocketed.

One thing I really admire about JT is that he encourages women to be entrepreneurs. I remember well his words in  many events he spoke at: Independence and freedom is the greatest thing women can give to themselves.

I also learned about time management –  how to divide my time well between work and my personal life as a single mum and a single woman.

The following is a summary of what I have applied from JT Foxx’s teachings:

– Everyone can do sales and by being genuine you have the best sales closing in your business

– Be congruent in all your businesses and your way of doing business

– Give customers what they need not what they want

– We have to see the world from the customer’s eyes

– People buy what they want when they value/desire

– Right time, right place, right product

– Success is about creating your own opportunity

– Position yourself out there in the world

– When you do pitch, it is not WHAT you say, it is HOW you say it

– Research, and fine-tune it

– People need to trust you to buy your product. Branding helps this process. But branding by association in particular plays a big part. People want to buy from important figures or an authority or expert.

Since I’ve known JT Foxx, he has opened the door of opportunity for me to meet amazing people: celebrities, millionaires and public figures.





Beyond sales, branding and time management, JT gave me the opportunity to speak in public, sharing his audience with me. This was a huge honour. He showed me that I can speak and not faint on stage in front of a thousand people … speaking in public was the scariest thing in the world for me before JT!

Taking his public speaking class was an amazing experience. Very soon afterwards I secured my own speaking engagements.






Meeting JT Foxx changed my life. He taught me to brand myself to my full potential. So now, when people ask me now who I am, I can confidently say:

I’m an entrepreneur, business connector, international speaker and above all a single mum who does whatever it takes to be the best version of me and a strong and positive role model for my daughter.


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Natalie Song |

Wow I am so happy JT Foxx Changed your life as he has changed my life too. He is my hero also

A truly inspiring journey! All the best for your future endeavours!

Michelle Ciantar |

I am very inspired by your story Oei. I am a single mum too and I can appreciate your journey! Thanks for sharing and much more continued success to you ☺

So inspiring. I love your passion. JT Foxx Mega Speaker is a game changer.

Shadeska Nicolina |

Awesome blog Oei and you are a great example for your daughter that she can achieve whatever she wants! Great entrepreneurial journey! JT Foxx and his amazing Organization give us so much great opportunities!

Enjoy my experience with JT Foxx here: